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Monday, November 24, 2008

Sam Harris - Myth Buster or Myth Maker?, part 4 of 10

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  1. Again you use a mixture of misinterpretation and falsehood to make your point.

    Your first statement, that Sam Harris is being dogmatic for saying that "no-one knows how the universe came into existence" is utterly false. Knowledge requires justification: evidence and reason, not merely belief or faith. There is no evidence for God creating the world 6,000 years ago. He may have done, and people who believe he did may be right, but nobody knows.

    When you finally get to addressing whether or not the everything arose by chance, you fail to appreciate the context in which Sam is speaking, the actual myth he is busting. Often christians claim that evolutionists think that certain primates developed into homo sapiens entirely through chance - they have no understanding of what natural selection actually is. Sam is simply explaining that this is not true.

  2. For all of the anthropomorphisms and grandeur that have been applied to it, you do realize what natural selection is right?

    It is death.

    Thus, chance plus death.

    Prof. Dawkins (The Blind Watchmaker, p. 62)
    “In nature, the usual selecting agent is direct, stark and simple. It is the grim reaper.”


  3. I am sorry Mariano, but I have to agree with Anonymous. No scientist will tell you that evolution is a result of improbable chance. An understanding of evolution would dispell this false claim Christians use to discredit atheism.


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