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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Sam Harris – The Dehumanizer

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  1. Your logic string to adult vs teenager is faulty because the reasoning is about awareness, pain and evidence of development. Nobody wants to mess with embryos. It's all about helping people. Too many think that scientists are evil, when so many of them make sacrifices. They get high education and make way less than the average salesman selling plumbing parts. I'm serious. Look at the good stem cells do, and then weigh it. A person in pain, is very easily and logically more important than a embryo, with no brain, no neurons. That's what we want to help. And it's morally right to do so.

  2. That “the reasoning is about awareness, pain and evidence of development” is arbitrary and a very part of dehumanizing the human baby known as an embryos.

    If it is about awareness and pain then we could induce comas in adults and harvest their body parts, after all, people need all sorts of human body parts.

    But this is certainly a difficult issue since we are dealing with people who need medical attention desperately. Of course, embryonic stem cells are but one source.


  3. The "right to life" argument is important. That is, the propensity to suffer is not all that constitutes murder, it's the revocation of a human being's rights agains't that person's will. The problem however is that a blastocyst is NOT yet a human being. It is a machine that builds a human being. Your argument from number of cells is fallacious because your premise is wrong; it is not number of cells that determines human identity, but the number and interwiring of nerve
    cells. No nervous system, no mind, no human. Similarly, the argument about the elderly and the adolescent is fallacious since 1.) both have fully functional nervous systems and 2.) the adolescent actually has more nerve cells than the elderly person.


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